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How I Work

360° Approach to an Indivduals recovery, movement and performance
Intrinsic Biomechanics

By screening an individual’s joints, muscles and nerves we have a good understanding as to what could be causing problems or cause future injuries/niggles


The importance of nutrition has grown in modern days because of the stress we are under and the


Training is becoming a huge part of most peoples life, and if it isn’t… it should be. However there are a lot of myths around training that may scare some people off. The right training, for the right person, at the right time.

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" - Albert Einstein


These are the brands that I associate myself with
Biomechanics Education
Diploma and CPD courses in Intrinsic Biomechanics. I have affiliated with them and run their B
This is the governing body for the Biomechanics Trainerâ„¢ courses that I run. If you sit the 2 day workshop with me you receive a discount off your diploma
Plenish Cleanse
Raw Organic Juices
I use and promote these amazing juices because they are well balanced and aren’t just green for the sake of it. A lot of time has been spent on blending the ingredients. Quote “Fletch” for 20% off
Athlete Management and Care
I created Precon3 in order to provide athletes with an all round management system. We look after their physical and mental health/performance and look after their business affairs
The Body Mechanic
Biomechanics Coaching services and Education
We provide education and consultancy services for individuals, gym chains and corporate organisations on everything biomechanics and health.


Here are a selection of the organisations I have worked with

"Hard work beats talent, when talent doesnt work hard" - Tim Notke

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