About Me

Anthony Fletcher Biomechanics Coach and Fitness Brand Advisor

Biomechanics Coach & Brand Advisor



My background as a biomechanics coach means that over fourteen years of training individuals, teams and working with global fitness brands has been underpinned by intelligent science to optimise performance and prevent injury.
I’ve educated thousands of fitness professionals and Olympic hopefuls, lecturing at Southampton Solent University, Jaguar Academy of Sport, Kelly Holmes Education and the International Fitness Showcase. I’ve travelled globally to implement revised education products for the likes of Startrac, Triggerpoint and Dynamax.
I’ve also been lucky enough to partner with some great teams such as England rugby and the Cannondale Garmin cycling, as well as leading brands, Equinox and KXU, where I’ve been involved in promotions with the likes of Harrods, NikeWhole Foods Market, Lululemon, Plenish and the Mondrian hotel.



Want to hear some great news? I believe that you hold the power to change anything about yourself. All you need is the motivation, passion, and the right tools.
The not-so-great news? There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ and change does not happen over night. That’s right – I’m not promising fast results, 30-day abs or rapid weight loss by following a cookie-cutter plan – but I am promising to arm you with a bespoke set of powerful tools so you can exceed your goals and take your fitness to the next level.
Change can only happen with time and consistency. I can assure you that Bear Grylls did not become a ‘Born Survivor’ from one night in the jungle.



As a biomechanics coach, I know that everybody is unique and must be treated as such. I tend to follow these steps and adjust along the way based on your needs because it’s important to take an intelligent approach to training each individual:
  1. Assess your goals
  2. Understand the structural mechanics of your body
  3. Adequate preparation
  4. Optimum training intensity
  5. Sufficient recovery
  6. Consistency


What exactly do I do?

Based out of Kensington, London, I coach individuals at all levels from beginner to elite athlete, specialising in 1-2-1 boxing and kickboxing sessions.


I’m also available for private biomechanics screenings, which can be included as part of a coaching strategy or as stand-alone if you have any niggles that have been bothering you.


I coach One Track, a weekly run club in Paddington, made up of a dedicated group of elite runners who turn up come rain or shine to smash their personal goals. We also have a lot of fun.


I teach group fitness at Equinox and KXU, specialising in explosive workouts that tap into the mental toughness needed today.