Over 25 years in martial arts...

Over 25 years in martial arts...

I have done martial arts since the age of seven. My parents booked me into a local Karate school and I was immediately hooked. I would obsess about learning the forms and katas. Fast forward a couple of decades and I’ve been exposed to seven different combat forms, mainly focusing on Thai boxing and western boxing.

My Karate background has given me a unique ability to coach the small details and build progressions.

My extensive knowledge in the mechanics of the body assists me in developing a training programme to suit the needs of the individual.

Who should train with me?

If you’re a professional fighter, amateur or newbie, we always need to work on the basics. I treat my clients for boxing like I would a client for back pain: there is the assessment phase, the corrective phase and the workable phase.

People progress through the phases at their own speed. Patience is one of my virtues so if you want to take things slow and have a more relaxed pace when learning then that is cool with me. If you’re wanting to steepen your learning curve then that’s on your ability to absorb and apply.

My approach is a blend of traditional methods and modern discoveries. You won’t be seeing any sit-ups but more simple and effective exercises to achieve core strength and control.

Who should train with me?
Fighting talk

Fighting talk

It’s a fact that I will not be the best fighter in the world; it has never been my ambition to be. I love coaching too much and would prefer to learn everything I can to help someone else fulfill his or her dream of being number one.

I currently compete not to win belts and medals but to learn. If the fighters that I train are going to trust me to get them fight ready and coach them in their corner, I need to have been there and done it.

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